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At Wolvenhoek Vineyards, the wolf spirit thrives, manifesting in the fierce and dedicated all-female pack steering our farming, winemaking, and global sales, crafting a legacy as bold and complex as our wines.

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Van Der Westhuizen

Our Backbone

Born on the very soil she now stewards, Fiona's story is one of grit and grace, transforming from paperwork to powerhouse as Wolvenhoek's farm manager.


Her journey is one of ambition where her natural bond with our farm and her steadfast dedication have propelled her to become the soul of our operations.

Jenna Higgins

Our Winemaker 

Wolvenhoek Vineyards thrives under a wild ethos, and Jenna Higgins is our maverick. A winemaking trailblazer among the Top 30 under 30, she embodies the untamed spirit that pulses through our vines. Jenna's approach? Let nature lead, blending art with the raw beauty of the landscape.


Our wines bear the mark of this philosophy—bold, free, and unapologetically expressive. Led by the ladies of Wolvenhoek, we're not just making wine; we're unleashing it, bottle by bottle.


Isabeau Sas

Our Sales Ambassador

Isabeau is Wolvenhoek Vineyards' globe-trotting wine ambassador, blending extensive industry experience with a genuine love for wine.


Her adept touch in global sales brings our unique bottles to enthusiasts around the world.

Our Founding Father

Eric Sas

Eric embodies the humble spirit of a dream realized. Born in Africa and raised in Europe, the dream of cultivating his own farm was a seed planted in childhood, now fully blossomed under the African sun.


With a deep-rooted passion for farming and an innate humility, Eric gently oversees the all-female pack with a guiding hand, ensuring his vision for Wolvenhoek — a legacy of quality, sustainability, and community — thrives in the rich soil he once dreamed of tending.

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